Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Day 91 and counting

Yes, I am starting to hate this counting game but when it bring me such a precious gift and blessing I will keep doing it until we bring him home!
No word again but i have not lost hope. We are hearing rumors the next two days could be it and really hoping it will. I don't want it to be another January where the numbers were 110 days.
Hard news is that CCAA is closed Thursday thru Monday so if we don't hear this wk we will lose a week and it won't be until 12th+ until we hear - so please pray we hear this wk.

We again heard that another donation is on its way so praising God. I keep feeling these are His confirmations to remind me He is providing and this boy is meant to be our son. Thank you Lord for this.

Today I was in Portland doing some business with Nike. I was visiting another customer near REI a recreational store and I was approached by two greenpeace volunteers who wanted me to sign a petition against Kleenex since they are using trees in Canada for our precious noses. They didn't realize I am from Canada originally and have worked in the paper business the past 15 yrs. But what struck me most and I regret I did not say something - I wished I had said - my cause is abandoned orphans who need a home and I feel that is more important than a tree.
Will save this for the next group who has a similar cause.
Well have a wonderful night everyone! The kids keep asking when they can play with Winston - i do hope it is soon.

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Stacey said...

Oh, I hope it is this week. It would be so nice if it came before Mother's Day. I keep checking and hoping....