Monday, February 18, 2008

Trying to catch up

Well it is nice to be able to stay home today with the kids - it is President's day
I think it the first time in 16 years I have had this day off.
We have had a busy week.
Last week was Valentine's Day parties, lots of candy which is all in a bowl - tucked away out of reach - Easter is just around the corner - they love to fill these kids with sugar.
Friday night we had my aunt Marie and uncle Mike from Williams Lake BC visit. It has been 7 years since Alison's funeral since I last saw them. Moving back is helping me reconnect with friends and family. We had a wonderful visit yet short.
Sat morning they left for Portland and I got busy cleaning since my girlfriend Margie and her husband Mark from Powell River BC were coming to spend the night. I have not seen her since 1997- 4th of July wknd so it was catch up time too. They were flying out the next day for Mexico we we just talked - Mark is a doer so once he saw our unfinished closet in the laundry room - he got Scott motivated and soon they were mudding the walls and doing touch up around the house - now we have to finish it :-) I took them to the airport at 4:15 AM - but Mark had forgotten his wallet so I had to return at 5:10 AM to the airport - we are lucky we live about 15 mins from the airport!
Yesterday we were at church a bit early since one of my LCC friends Cathy W had their daughter dedicated at church - so I helped take photo's.
We were tired so decided to go for Chinese food for lunch. We don't do this much anymore so it was a nice treat. The kids had a lot of fun. We usually get stared at with 3 chinese kids (one boy and one with an obvious handicap)- but we are so use to it now. Wait until we have 4!
Scott and I celebrated Valentine's day a day early - we have tickets to a local playhouse and we force ourselves to have 6 date nights a year - we got lucky and the tickets fell the day before so we used it as our excuse and got a babysitter - I think she thinks we have forgotten her - since I can't even remember when she was here last? I think this may have been her first time watching Taylor and we will have had her 6m today! Wow I just realized it is today - how time has flown by..
She is a totally different kid now and doing so well - there were times we were not sure how she would do - but God has blessed her and us.
Well I just wanted to catch up since i have hardly written - I hope to post some more to catch up on events.

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