Monday, February 18, 2008

6 months today with TAYLOR

Hard to believe - 6 Months ago today we were anxiously waiting for our Taylor - we waited in the Civil Affairs office in Guangzhou - finally she was the first to be delivered to her parents. She was so small and fragile looking. She came to us in 3-6m clothes weighing only 21 lbs and could not really talk at 3-1/2 years old..... fast forward 6m and she is a busy little girl - she is not malnurished any more - is sometimes wearing a 2T outfit - yes that is 4 sizes she has grown, she is over 26 lbs and has grown over 2 inches - she has a bottom and her face has filled out. She now speaks over 150 words and was tested last week and is on track for her speech goals. We had days we were not sure what she would be like, but God had a plan and even before we knew this little girl - He knew she was our daughter, He prepared us for her and we have been blessed. She is popular in school and continually amazes us with her rapid growth and development. Praise God for this little blessing.
We love you Taylor and glad you are our daughter.

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