Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The on-going story

Well Monday my Birth Certificate was signed in Victoria - YA!!
Monday night it was delivered to my friend Sharon who today took it to the Chinese Consulate in Vancouver. She was about 50th in line - and after 20 mins. Got a bit nervous about if we had everything right? So praying we do! She now has to pick it up too - we thought my other friend Colleen could - well the person who drops it off has to sign for it.
So hoping tomorrow we have good news. The rest of the papers 70 pages of our Dossier are on their way to DE as we speak and should arrive Thursday. So if Sharon get's are papers tomorrow... we could actually have them there on Thur night? and out to China that day. With it arriving at CCAA on Sunday the 27th?
At this point I am not going to get my heart going -- the paper work part of adoption is one of the biggest challenges you experience in life.
Hoping to post good news tomorrow.

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