Thursday, January 24, 2008


Yes - you heard me correctly... My Dossier for our Winston is in a DHL packet with two other families and is in PA tonight to board a plane to CHINA.... YA!!!!
I did not know if it would happen and even at the very last min. Our agency needed one more paper and was calling me while I was in a company mtg I could not get out of.
But our SW was able to provide the document and off it goes.
Praying now that the Dossier will arrive in China and get to CCAA on Sunday (China's Monday) and we get Logged in next week.
Winston turns 3 on Tuesday the 29th and this would be a wonderful birthday present.
Then it is about 3 months wait until we hear anything else - so we can focus on other things until about April. There is never a lack of things to do in this household :-)


Terri D said...

Hooray, Lavonne, that is terrific!! What a relief. You are due for some serious R & R this weekend, girl. Now go celebrate this accomplishment!

So happy for you,

Family4Liv said...

You dont know me, I happened to come across your website and was so excited you are Justins mommy!!!
I am so happy for little (Justin)Winston! I had followed him on Madison waiting childrensl list. HE is extra special becuase we were the family who wanted him but knew in our hearts he was not ours, it was not our turn. He truly was waiting for you and your family. I know he will be so happy with a brohter and two sisters from China. God amazes me, I love to watch his hand at work and it surely was with this little guy!

God Bless your family and heres to a speedy log in and TA!!!!

Charlotte said...

Lavonne !

Finally ! What wonderful news !

Charlotte and crew