Monday, January 28, 2008

It's at CCAA

It is officially delivered!! Winston's Dossier is at CCAA!
1/28/2008 10:57 am Shipment delivered. Beijing (per DHL)

So jumping for JOY.... today weather reports all over are not good in China. A bunch of families are stranded in Nanchang (this is where we got Reagan)- it is snowing and the weather there for the next 10 days is SNOW. Friends of ours plan to leave on the 11th to get their daughter there.
I check Beijing - Winston is hours away and well it is not snowing but COLD - in the teens at night and 20-30's during the day. They don't have central heat - so I hope my poor little boy is ok. I know a family traveling next week to his orphanage - so hope to have some kind of update on how he is doing.

Well I hope my little one is having sweet dreams :-)

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