Saturday, December 8, 2007

We have updated photo's of Winston!!!

Here is the latest updates on Winston- he goes back to the orphanage today after having surgery through Love without Boundaries a wonderful organization who supports children's surgeries and many things in China. We are so greatful for this. He had more wrong with his heart and it was more serious but all seems to be well and we have a happy boy.
We can't wait to get our PA and get going so we can bring him home. Our goal is April or May. He is such a sweetie - I am already in love with this guy!


Shannon and Boyd Bringolf said...

Awww Winston is so cute!
That is neat that you are able to get updated pictures


One Happy Momma said...

Winston is adorable!
Here's to a speedy PA

Blessings -

Kelly said...

Oh, I LOVE that little grin! I was glad to read that he is doing well after the complicated surgery.

Starla said...

Love the new pictures! He is such a cutie! Waiting with you to hear your news of PA. Such an important step.....and they just don't get here fast enough!

Blessings, Starla

Gary & Debbie & Katie too said...

Hi Lavonne,
I had to sneak over and catch up on all the good news LOL Katie is a sleep ; )
Winston is adorable!!
Praying for a speeding PA and all that follows and to have this little guy with his forever family soon!
I am Praying Winston has a complete and speedy healing.
All the Pictures are wonderful of the Children I love the one with them all on the couch LOL looks like my bunch! They are a Blessing and this is what life is all about "Our Children, Grand Children and on...
Many Prayers and Blessing's
Debbie Smith Mommy Katie now going on just a little over 3 months WOW!