Monday, October 1, 2007

Helen Keller and other tid bits...

Well I finally got the kids flu-cold... after feeling pretty good I had got of lucky!
So spent most of the wknd in bed - or when up doing laundry or trying to keep the house somewhat in order LOL
Scott took all three to church and amazingly they did pretty well - Kaitlyn had a few moments :-) If it had been me... well I would have had all three losing it!

Scott and I both had flash backs to the story of Helen Keller this wknd LOL. Not that her story was funny - but realizing that she had been allowed to grow up a little wild and had to be tamed back to this amazing women she became. Our Taylor came to life for us as a similar character. We are learning our Taylor is not the only one coming from this orphanage with similar speech issues. But if one is taught that speech is not necessary - you must bring them back to the beginning and work with them. If this person does not understand the benefit of what you are doing, they will fight you. So here we are this wknd with Taylor who really has little desire to learn to speak.

But today as I dressed my little one - we made progress as we said, socks, pants, top... it does take practice and persistance, but if we love and care for this child like we say we do, then we need to give her the tools to survive. We have talked with their school and they are working with us to teach Taylor her words and already today we see less resistance and more of this is better than fighting things.

Funny, she now loves to come up to me and say "Up Dees (Please)" She hates the letter P.

Scott took Reagan to see Dr. Hopper the plastic surgeon who is doing his surgery on the 11th. It seems like it is more serious than we thought and Reagan will be staying the night. So Scott and I will be juggling this together. We pray this one works - the poor little guy has been through so much this year - and this will be his third palate surgery in 3-1/2 years! I had to come back later to see the anastesialogist since he has a cold and they were worried it could be an issue. But we are 1/2 over this cold and 10 days before surgery. Praying like mad all comes together this time. (we already delayed the surgery once)

Well another busy week is upon us - fall is here, the leaves are changing color and the fog rolls in each morning. It is harder to get up in the morning... and they already have Halloween stuff everywhere!

Will try and post some more photo's soon. Lavonne

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Shannon and Boyd Bringolf said...

Hey Lavonne, I got one of those silly viruses too! Good luck on the surgery in 10 days and TAylor will start to speak when she thinks she has it perfect. Kole was like that too. It took about 3 months before he would try to speak in English. sounds like everyone is adjusting well!
Take care!