Friday, September 28, 2007

A quick update on tests

Taylor did really good today at the school district testing (IEP) They were all taken back at how quickly she has learned to adjust... Have a few minor things for her to work on in Gross Motor Skills - Fine were really good and mentally tops, hearing and sight good too. Speech she is about 1 years old.
They want her to come to school there, but we are talking it over. She is in Montessori and doing great there and with just moving .. we don't want to stir up attachment issues, or having her carted around in a school bus back and forth when she can't communicated if something were to happen. So we are just hoping to work with her at home like we did with Reagan and then have her in a one-on-one session at another school closer to their daycare.
We do feel good about this. Most of Taylor's delays is her lack of motivation to speak since I think she was not challenged, so pointing and grunting got her most things in life.
So we have started withholding things until she asks for them, and it is amazing how quickly she tries to say something if she really wants it. LOL
We will monitor this with her doctor and the school district regularly.
Huge Praise.... looks like she may have gained 2 lbs already!!!!
Talk later - Lavonne

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