Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween - my three cuties

My three cuties.....
Kaitlyn was not in the smiling mood - but then in these situations it is not her thing. This is Taylor's first Halloween and she I think enjoyed it and got the hang of things.
Today they had a party at school and then right after work, we did McDonalds in the car... stopped by Grandpa Stewart who is 92, so the whole old folks home enjoyed seeing them in costume - then we headed to a local church to do their carnival which was a zoo! Finally we headed home and did about 5-6 houses - by this time Taylor got the picture and did not want to let go of her pumpkin bucket - it was hers!!!
Once the kids were down we had a few kids at the door so we used the kids candy for hand outs (terrible parents we are!) for now we can get away with it. Then Scott and I checked out the loot, sorted a couple of favorites and the rest will be handed out over the next month - just in time for Christmas treats :-)
I think Taylor's outfit is maxed out and will have to be donated next year since it is an 18m - she kept pulling on her rear, since I think it was a bit tight.
Oh well one more holiday down - 2 more to go!!
Night - Lavonne

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