Monday, October 29, 2007

The Final Product....

No fancy pumpkin, but this year has been a bit hectic.... so next year we will try for more exciting pumpkins x4????

This wknd we went to Bellingham for an Alpha retreat with church, so now desperately trying to catch up with laundry, groceries, and other stuff.

Reagan had his follow-up from surgery - well after waiting 1-1/2 hours at Children's to see the surgeon we never did see him, got some intern who could not answer my q's... but I am done with waiting... actually I was walking out and they finally took me serious and ran after the intern to talk to me. I just feel it is outrageous to make a 5 year old or younger sit that long in a room! waiting for some guy to spend 5 mins. with him, and get paid $300+ Sorry I totally respect the pay - but not when they don't do their job.

The kids had fun with our one pumpkin... It was Taylor's first experience and fun to watch her take it all in. She is changing daily. She now says "Thank you" all the time and this wknd proudly came up to me to point out a spoon and said spoon.

I toasted the seeds later - and sprinkled them with powdered Ranch dressing which actually was very good and they are almost gone. Tonight we made pre-made pumpkin cookies... the kids did have fun putting them on the tray. Hopefully next year we can graduate to real baking???

Tomorrow the kids go to the Pumpkin Patch with school, so won't have any photo's since I can't make it -- really did want to see Taylor's expression. Then Wed. their class has a party so - they will dress up and that evening taking them to a church carnival. Helps cut down on the candy :-) Mom and Dad don't need it!!!

So hope to have some new shots....night!

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