Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Tests and Doctors

Well yesterday Taylor saw the hand doctor. He looked at Dr. Song's x-rays from last week and determined that Taylor has a Ulnar Deficiency. This means her situation is on the worse side. There have been attempts to correct this, but in reality most have only made what worked worse. So we had one more doctor say there is no need to return. We will not seek a second opionion since this is what we already thought and got our confirmation. Taylor is functioning pretty well with her left hand with its limitations. I did notice that the ring and middle fingers do not bend to they are a bit more limited than we thought - but it does not seem to stop her.

Today, was the evaluation for physical function and motor skills. She won the PT over and charmed her. She surpassed what we had thought and there is little to work on except using both legs while climbing the stairs - she leads with her right climbing up and left climbing down. I was also told to work with her more in playing with balls and jumping or standing on one leg. So my thoughts are this is not too bad.

The PT did not get to do the fine motor skills - started with buttons, but then Taylor had her mind on doing something else, so then decided to have a melt down and sobbed and crawled under a chair. Once calmed down again - we changed projects but ran out of time. Not sure if we will return? We have the school testing for speech and motor skills on Friday morning and will compare the findings and talk with the doctor about our next plan of action.

Keep Reagan in prayer - tomorrow is his VPI for his up-coming surgery - this is his scope (Camera) going down his nose to check his palate function. Not a pleasant thing at all. We have talked with him and he seems fine - but last time he did not do well. So I am staying clear and hoping that Dad will make it happen. Thankfully Reagan is a year older. (Prayer for surgery on Oct 11th)

Well again I hope to piece together some more video of the trip - so have patience.
It is slowly coming together :-) slowly!

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