Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday - week 5

We have had Taylor now 5 weeks today. How time flies when your having fun LOL
It is almost 3 weeks since we have been home and our friends left this morning. We now have our house back. So hope to get busy and get it cleaned and reclaim the guest room as my dumping ground. I would like to get back to finishing Reagan's Life book and onto the other two's which I usually have set up in the guest room.

I am slowly making progress on video's from the trip. Today finished transfering all our photo's to our computer. Made a couple of CD's and tonight I got our Gotcha Day put together - which you can view below this blog. It is a combo of photo's and video of our first 30 min's together. Boy it is a treasure to watch and I already can see a difference in Taylor from that day.

Tomorrow is the hand doctor and yesterday I noticed her middle and ring finger don't really bend - so they may need to do something her - will find out tomorrow. Wed. she gets tested on her development and Thursday we have Reagan at Children's to do his VPI (scope) test for his palate surgery on the 11th. Friday more tests for Taylor so it is a busy week at the doctors and then I am almost done!! YA!

Well it is late and I am pretty tired. Say goodnight -- Lavonne

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