Sunday, September 16, 2007


The kids are in bed, Scott is watching t.v. and I soon will be in bed too.
It has been a long week. It has caught up to me and I look forward to a less hectic week. Not sure if that will be in the cards?
My parents have come and gone, we really did not get to visit. I was thankful for my mom's help with the cooking and meal preparation. The kids really enjoyed seeing them and I think my parents enjoyed seeing them and getting to know Taylor.
Marissa and Melanie are now starting their new life at SPU and Margaret has one more week before she returns to Thailand. I know 15 years or less from now I will be going throught this and have no idea how I will handle letting go of my babies.... Margaret is doing a great job - but she is not like most of us a few blocks to hours away - she goes back to Thailand and I am sure this will be so hard for her.
The house is quiet for the first time - we have had a house full and it is nice to reflect and just rest.....
The next couple of photo's are of our dedication today which is a very important process to Scott and I in raising our children.
I have also updated the last 2-3 pages with more current photo's of our last couple of days in China and now back at home. Will continue to try and process more in the next few days as i get more and more settled back into our life.
Good Night for now - Lavonne

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