Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Doctor visit #3

Today I took Taylor to see Dr. Song. He is the one who helped me diagnoise her condition of PS - Poland Syndrome. He is a wonderful and gentle doctor. Of course at Children's it is almost always an hour wait - and today was no exception. So finally when he came in to see Taylor she had enough of waiting, she was tired and hungry! She let us all know it. So since I am a regular here, I know they have a stash of cookies, juice... so we quickly brought Taylor to her happy self with a little food and a new toy.

We'll we did x-rays and the sort and we are so thankful that this little one is pretty healthy and is more on the functioning side. She does have an elbow and all looked good. Her one bone in her forearm is bent, and they think with surgery they can straighten it down the road and give her the ability to reach her mouth with her left arm. They were very impressed with the ability she has currently with it. So I was thrilled. We will schedule more x-rays, some chest lung tests and a MRI for her elbow in a year - so one more doctor we don't need to see. Next week is the hand doctor and some developmental testing and we should be done.

We had ordered a interpretor again, which in the end was not needed. She noted that she is doing amazingly well at understanding me and I only had her tell her two sentences - otherwise, Taylor and I are in sync and she knows what i am saying and I usually get what she wants.

She had another good day at school. Funny note... we have started noticing that when Taylor is hungary she comes and sets the kids table. It is pretty cute. She pulls out three bowls, spoons and cups. Then will check with me about the food to put into it. She has also been observing the kids pulling up a chair to the fridge to get water from the door. So now she is trying to do this on her own. Most of the time she can do it.

Yesterday we had Taylor one month! WOW hard to believe how time flies. So since we never did her birthday I picked up a cake on the way home and we sang Happy Birthday to her and she was thrilled... funny she did not want to eat the chocolate cake - A kid passing up birthday cake? I will have to think of other ways to fatten her up. LOL

Good night - Lavonne

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