Thursday, August 2, 2007

Rumors are in the air

I got an email tonight that someone from my agency heard a package from CCAA is on its way to our agency with TA's in it... YA!!!!
I was told it maybe Monday until we get final word. Today our agency called Scott and ok'd us to stay at the Victory - so that is a huge relief for us and a savings of $2000.
I have 2 suitcases packed and the rest ready to go - so we could be ready in days except for some work stuff.
Having a new job helps this time, since I have less stuff to tie up before going so in some ways feel less stress and very ready to get this journey started. I have a little girl waiting for me on the other side of this world - who has never had a real mommy to hold and care for her and to love her unconditionally.
I want her to know her waiting is over and a family is here for her to love her always. It is so hard to believe a year has passed since we made our first phone call - now we are about to travel and expand our family of 4. Lavonne

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