Wednesday, August 1, 2007

2 wks and counting!

Today someone with the same LID dates as us got their TA annoucement - so hoping in the next few days we will too. Picked up our visa's and did some last min. shopping at lunch - so other than a few minor things we could be ready to fly out in a few days once we get notice.
Today our agency emailed and asked what dates we would prefer for CA, this was new to us. Seems for us traveling to Guangzhou we will be alone and will be the only ones in our group to have this CA date - of either a Wed or a Thurs - so we asked for the 23rd, 29th or the 30th - which could get us home by month's end. We will try and see our friend Lisa for a couple of days and meet her sister-in-law in Dongguan - she has offered to put us up for night there. We may do this and then take the train back to Guangzhou? We had planned to see the Bullingtons in HK, but they may come and see us instead which would be nice. So we are not sure what will happen - but hoping we will be in China by the 15th or earlier. Thur to Monday are usually days that people get TA - so hoping we hear something tomorrow?

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