Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Still no word !!!

Well we wait patiently or try and pretend we are as we see other people with the same LID date as ours 4/19/07 = 82 days -- get their LOA. I am thrilled for them, but honestly deep inside envious that we have not gotten our call yet.
Oh at last the week is not over yet and hopefull to still hear something soon so we too can travel quickly. God has a plan and of course I am not directing it :-) so will keep myself busy doing the many things I need to do. Work alone has me spinning.

I am so anxious to see my Taylor and learn about her wonderful little personality - this little girl is wonderfully made and designed for our family. What will she be like? I know she will experience a million different feelings, shy, scared, excited, confused... but I hope with all the letters I have sent to her she will understand we are her new family... one who loves her unconditionally and will get her the best treatment, encourage her, build her up to be the women she is suppose to be. I look at her photo and see this precious girl who longs to be loved, the beautiful smile that I see, the write up about being naughty (she will fit in with our family well) -she and Kaitlyn will have many interesting adventures together at my expense I am sure.

Well let's get this wait over with and get my baby home! - Lavonne

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