Wednesday, July 11, 2007

It maybe here?

Tonight was talking with another "waiting" Small World family, she noted a package is on its way from CCAA/China and should arrive either Thur/Fri. We don't know what is in the package? But know there are 6 families now waiting for LOA with our agency. We all anxiously wait for word. We are meeting our guide from China on Sat. Lily is here for one week and they are having a picnic Sat in Spokane - 5 hours away. If the papers arrive tomorrow - we could be signing them on Sat and sending them back on Monday. Otherwise they will be sending them to our homes on Monday and will go back to China mid week. Then we have another 2-4 wk wait to travel and get our CA apt. So based on guestimates we could still leave by around the 8th and have a CA apt and be home by the 22nd which we need to for Reagan's VPI apt at Children's.
Scott is in Vancouver at a "Blow Fly" session at SFU (how exciting) - so hoping we will have word for when he gets home.
Tonight trying to get the annoucement envelopes addressed and Reagan's b-day ready to still staying busy.
praying hard for good news tomorrow - Lavonne

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