Sunday, April 24, 2011


We had a good day and are all exhausted. Kids are sleeping in the back seats they have played well with there second cousins.

I wish we could do this more... the kids all had so much fun. There was a big easter egg hunt and the kids went out with their plastic shopping bags I had in the car.... had three so Reagan had one of those big black plastic bags.... it was so funny with him dropping eggs in this huge bag.

We enjoyed the wonderful brunch that Tammy put on for 300. It was beautifully put together and the food was excellent.

The kids loved sunday school and we enjoyed the service .... Steve did a great job preaching.

We met a couple who are new to their church and have two kids adopted and their son Luke is from China. We connected -- Luke is now 11 and has been home a year.

They joined us and all the Doerksen's for lunch and another quick Easter egg hunt.... the kids are all the same ages and did so well together. We realized we need to do this more often. Jacob and Reagan even played a game of chess.

Then we headed for Aunt Dee's place and met up with my 2nd cousin mike and his family. Again the kids connected and had a blast and their son Max and Reagan played a game of ping pong.

They all chased bunnies outside and then did crafts together .... I was so impressed at home well they did.

We hope to hook up again for the 4th of July. We'll also have Sandy from Australia and China with us then and possibly friends from Thailand .... will be a busy time.

Here a two pix from tonight my good camera battery died and the phone took iffy pics but you can see all the kids playing with popsicle sticks ....
Will have to look at getting the bulk packs for the kids.
So one more day and the kids are back to school and life returns to normal.
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Jen said...

I found your blog through Tammy. Spent lots of time reading through your story on your website! What an incredible journey God had led you on! Looking forward to meeting you in person someday soon! Your newest follower, Jen