Sunday, June 13, 2010

Odessa the small cat

Odessa who is almost 11 has been with us since a year after we got married

She has traveled from Nashville, to St. Louis and then to Seattle, she has learned to accept Leopold our other cat, then Oliver and finally now Lily who has been with us the longest at 3 years in July. She has put up with 4 kids taking up mom and dads time from her and other interesting pets who have come and gone.... Yet at night she knows it is her time to hang with Mom and Dad....

Odessa has an interesting fetish and that is to crawl in things - yes it is a cat thing - but she can not resist and Lily is nothing like our baby. A week or so ago i bought some small shoes on sale for my birthday and she could not resist the box they were in. So now the box is at the end of our bed and she happily squeezes into the thing as you can see above. We laugh since we know it is her only domain, there is NO WAY that Lily at almost 17 lbs could fit in this thing.... Odessa is 7-1/2 lbs :-)

Lavonne 6-13-10