Monday, June 7, 2010

Another Party for my boy

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Reagan was invited to another Bowling Birthday Party for his friend Vishnu's birthday.

They are pretty close friends and Reagan was really looking forward to it. We already had another party invite to his cousin Nicky's party so Scott took the other three there and i took Reagan to this party for part of it.

Reagan is really getting into Bowling and having fun. He has been to two other parties at this place which is not the popular place to have a party and then last summer i took all 4 kids to learn for free. Reagan is catching on in how to throw the ball etc and of his team he was in 2nd place and was doing well. The video i got did not catch him doing as well - but he got a couple of spares and he is on his way to getting a strike in the future!

Still behind and trying to catch up - it has been weeks of parties, school stuff and Reagan and Kaitlyn are working on a class project each for this weeks Creative Fair on Thur and Friday.

Graduation to Kindergarten in Tuesday night and a Teddy Bear Picnic is planned for the younger two on Friday their last day of school - will stay on with the summer program until the end of the month to help me out since it is paid for. Reagan and Kaitlyn has sports days and stuff and their last day is the 16th but will stay until that Friday. It gives me a bit more time for interviews. A lot going on this month - we had a beautiful day yesterday so rushed in getting the deck finished with the first coat of stain and Monday and Tuesday we are suppose to have more sun so hoping to tackle the fence before more rain hits. It has been one wet month!!

Lavonne -5-6-10

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