Monday, May 10, 2010

More Dideon Pictures

A few weeks back we had a nice weekend where we got focused on the kids
making their own piggy banks - Scott had bought them awhile ago and we
finally got around to painting them. Reagan had one already from his
Grandpa & Grandma Dideon - so he painted an airplane.

Winston was pretty serious about his work - Kaitlyn was her old perfectionist self :-)

Taylor gt right into it as well..................... here is Kaitlyn's flower pig

Taylor's is on the left a beautiful yellow and aqua mix and Winston's is
various shades of orange and i believe a touch of red?

We have been doing a Dave Ramsey course at church on Sunday nights
and they are great about stuff for the kids.... so we have started
them on a "commission" (no allowance) and they have been faithfully
doing this - working on goals to achieve and get their check for the day.
We have their money divided into 3 groups (envelopes)
* Savings * Tithing * Spending *
So last weekend we took them to "Big Lots" to show them spending
so Winston and Taylor had $.33 and Reagan and Kaitlyn had $.75
They soon realized they could not get much with this but the two younger
got 2 Fig Newtons for $.30 with 3 cents to spare :-)
R & K bought Milk Duds & Lemon Heads for $.50 and shared with the others.
Now they weekly take their Tithing money to church and are setting a goal to
save to buy something. Kaitlyn wants a stuffed animal - so we have set this as her goal.
We told them if they start saving now in about 10 years they may have money for a car?
I know this will be Winston's goal :-) of coarse it has to be a fast sports car!!
He will not be on our insurance!!!

The closing shots....
Reagan and Daddy playing music together
Reagan is a natural in the arts and piano is another thing that is a breeze for him
Kaitlyn and Reagan have a piano recital on Friday night so we will be practising daily for this
they both will be playing 2 songs - of course we have a conflict so I will take the kids to this
and record it all and Scott takes the younger two to their school Spring Concert
Never a dull moment at the Dideon Clan Hideout
The Last photo was from our last major walk and bike ride
Kaitlyn is still working towards being training wheelless.
Lavonne 5-10-2010

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