Monday, April 19, 2010


Prayer Request for Jiliang (3-1/2)

My friend Jill in MI just adopted Jiliang a month ago (hard to believe how time flies)
Jiliang has a very rare and serious heart condition. When i got her file from Jill last Oct they thought she had TOF like our Winston, but once home they have said it is a miracle she is here.

Most people with her condition die in the first year and this little girl's heart has been untouched from birth and now is finally getting attention - so much that only Wed the doctor agreed to surgery and scheduled it right away. Her blood is sharing a ventricle so instead of having 2 she has one that has been having both blood types going in and out and has caused damage to the lungs etc. She is a very precious girl and her parents have been waiting since March 2007 to have a daughter and finally was able to switch from non-special needs to sn in Oct when they found her. Another sn she had which was not disclosed was an injury to the skull - it appears as an infant she had a serious burn and so the top of her head has no hair and a large scar and no fontanel bone. This will be looked at after this surgery.

Pray that all will go well tomorrow - this is a long and serious surgery and they also want to fix her VSD she has. There is an 80% chance she will make it.

Thank you for your prayers!
Lavonne - 4-19-10


Annie said...

Will be praying for her Lavonne!

Teresa said...

We will be praying for Jillian, the doctors and her family tomorrow! We will pray that God will be with the medical team tomorrow and they can not only meet Jillians needs but exceed them! We know the greatest healer of all will be watching over her and pray this His hands help to guide the surgeons hands. Please update us on how she does!!

Amy said...

Praying for her and her family,