Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Our Easter + Day 1 of Spring Break

Well here is a quick over-view of our Easter and our first day of Spring Break vacation at home.
Yesterday did our Easter Egg Hunt at home (see photo with Halloween Buckets) then did church, came home from church - did the nap thing - played a game of MouseTrap (new family favorite) and then headed to the Spaghetti Factory for dinner - we ate way too much but had a great time together - later on we had a few more treats at home and played another round of MouseTrap.
Today the kids were up early and ready to have a fun day at home.... mom and dad were taking it easy and the sun was shinning so Scott was going for his top plan - "FISHING" yet after a couple of video's, baking cookies, Kaitlyn helping me to make lunch (it was her day to help cook) the sun was disappearing and we feared we lost our opportunity... well we headed out and spared the rain, but it was cold and windy and we only lasted about 30+ mins out there before heading home. We iced the cookies, Kaitlyn helped make dinner - baked potato's, guacamole and smoothies - then played some more games, Scott and Reagan have been into playing the guitar and Kaitlyn the piano and we just had a fun packed day. (More photo's to follow tomorrow - including yesterdays egg hunt)
Tomorrow we have more planned and i have to break up the day with a doc visit - test results came out fine? so thanks for the prayers yet still issues so hopefully will figure out what is going on.....
So yet another day with the Dideon's - Spring Break!

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