Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Catching up!!

We have been dealing with Sensory issues with the girls and one of Taylor's therapies was to be blindfolded and sort through different items to help her sense of touch. We also found Kaitlyn had trouble with matching her finger and thumb together....
Scott decided it would be fun for the kids to try this all together with Lego's in different sizes and shapes. So here they are all blindfolded and having fun trying to figure out the right pieces.
Another form of cheap entertainment that is good for the kids!!
We just are back from Spring Break - it was very busy for us - so will try and post pictures - be patient as i try and figure a way to share the hundreds of photo's i took during the week. The weather turned out to be very nice most of the week so we did all kinds of things with the kids and have a great time and on a great budget.

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