Friday, April 23, 2010

Another day from Spring Break - 4-6-10

A day with bikes in the yard.... the kids love it that the weather is getting better and this
allows them to play outside more and ride their bikes.

Taylor has moved up and is part time on a trike and eyeing Kaitlyn's old 2 wheeler
with training wheels (Daddy is trying to get it fixed)

Kaitlyn spent her time going between the two - two wheeler bikes.
She is determined to move away from training wheels and kept trying
we still have a ways to go....
Reagan helped make dinner - speg noodles with white sauce with clams - yummy!
Daddy is not used to being home all day with the kids!!!
Kaitlyn is trying to wake him up :-)
Keep Jiliang still in prayer as there is still fuid in the lungs and they are trying to keep her stable.
The sun is out now and hoping it will stay - we hope to get some outdoor projects done this wknd. Enjoy your weekend as well - God Bless,
Lavonne 4-24-10

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