Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Princess Lily

Princesses Lily

Lily is 3 and definitely mommies cat!
Scott found her at PetSmart on Adoption Day in Spokane WA in 2007 a month before getting Taylor. I was reluctant to get her but we were told she was "Friendly" a true understatement and she was good with kids - which is true.

Well the first night home I thought for her adjustment and Odessa's possible jealousy to sleep with her in the guest room. Well little did i know this cat has "Issues" and from that moment on she has been my shadow.

Lily follows me everywhere - the kids can drag her around the house and torment the poor almost 17lb lug of furball.... but Mommy is where her "Needy" heart purrs.
She actually drools for Mommy and then like in "Turner & Hooch" will toss her head back and forth and let the drooll fly and it often lands on my computer - yuk!
I can have a puddle of the stuff on my bed in one of her heightened moments.

This cat loves to snuggle with Momma and be close to my face, and often when my hand is out will take her paw and pull it down for me to rub her.

The photo above is her favorite place to be!! my pillow in bed. I think she is even into my "scent"
I would classify her as a "high maintenance" cat in the Need category :-) as i write this and she is on my legs !

Sad part is i have cat allergies and so does Reagan - and what do we do? we kiss these cats all the time and then get stuffed up - and having the biggest one sleep on my pillow is not a good thing either. Oh well - I am a sick cat lover.
Momma to two furballs.

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