Sunday, February 21, 2010

Chinese NY/Lunar NY event at Westminster 2-6-10

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Here are my pictures which were rushed and so so, below i have a link to the Flickr account of the Photography group at Westminster who captured the event in full view - really beautiful photo's and i wished i had been able to see the performance, it was amazing and very professional. Our new banner photo was taken at the event and i got it on Friday from the photographer. I have received a ton of compliments about it on FB and have to agree, it really did turn out well.
Westminster Lunar Photo's



Maggie S said...

That photo is slamming!!!! I noticed it yesterday but felt like it would have been counter to the mood to comment. What a celebration!!! I hope to attend next year;-)

Amy said...

Looks like your celebration was fabulous!!!! If only we had something similar locally...the CNY event we go to hasn't got any other adoptive families. The one with adoptvie families is over 2 hours drive from here and we didn't make it this year.
Wishing I lived next door to you!

Amy said...
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