Thursday, February 4, 2010

6 wonderful years with Reagan!

Here is Reagan our now 7-1/2 year old
We celebrated tonight with his favorite "Brownies" his 6th Gotcha Day

We so clearly remember - this little guy - scared and tired at 5:15 pm at our hotel door
they handed him to me and he cried and cried for 20 mins until finally the people left us to
get to know him. Then we found the boy we know who laughed and had fun playing with us.

how this guy has changed these past years and grown - and so have we :-)
We love you!!!

Lavonne -2-4-2010

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Maggie S said...

Reagan has a look in his eye. Like he is taking the job of leading theses brothers and sisters very seriously. His expression is a lot like his dad's. Happy Protector? Anyway. What a great anniversary!