Thursday, December 10, 2009

Taylor update

Taylor with her teacher Mrs. Fenn at the school concert last week
Yesterday we headed back to Children's in Seattle for a post-op apt. We hit the timing great - got there and went right in for x-rays and then i did my usual - i go to the back office and check it the doctor is running late which is 90% of the time - this way i can plan out our wait time. We they told me they were about to call us so we headed in and waited about 10 mins for the doc and his 2 interns to arrive.
Dr. Song was thrilled at how Taylor was doing. She has actually put on weight - about 1/2lb but she has not gained anything in a year - just height. So this is big and she has been eating... so we see a huge difference. Just Monday again she told me she really likes her new chest so if anything this was a huge confidence builder for her.
She has been breathing deeper and was not sure how to read it but thought it was a good sign and Dr. Song agreed. We thought it may have helped the stomach, he was not really sure about this but said with more oxygen, then there is better blood flow and the kid is just feeling better and healthier and wants to eat more. So overall a really good sign. The x-rays looked good and they scheduled us to be back March 17th to do more x-rays and a breathing test to really see how much more lung capacity was gained.
Taylor took her own bandages off over a week ago, and i have been putting scar cream on the stitches, there is one thread, the doc suggested i cut since it is popping up at the end.
I had forgotten, but the 2 main doctors were going to Turkey after the surgery for a large conference and they presented what they did with Taylor and said she was a star :-)
They were presenting what they were doing with tumor patients and added Taylor to the list since she is the first we believe PS patient with this. So glad this may help other people down the road with similar conditions.
Lavonne 12-9-09

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