Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Santa - Dideon Style

Santa 2009
Christmas is obviously around the corner!

Well the kids have already started to write their first Christmas "Dear Santa" letters and talks of Santa are in the air. So we have started a tradition to head right after church to Bellevue Square mall to see Santa. Last year it took us 5m - the year before 2 hours!! so i thought i had it down to a science this year. I had forgotten our church service had gone later now and so when we got to the mall it was this never ending long line-up - we hit it at a very bad time.

So we hummed and hawed but really did not want to come back and the kids were all geared up for Santa so we stayed. I figured we had a 1-1/2 hour wait and it was pretty exact. So we took turns taking the kids for walks, playing games and i grabbed a couple hold down snacks at McDonalds. Smilebox to follow :-)

Finally the adventure came to an end as we were next in line and they got to meet Santa, tell him what they wanted and get their sucker. This year they actually give you the pictures right then and accidently printed out 2 different ones - so got one for free. The kids were happy with their suckers and mom and dad were glad it was now over for another year :-)

Lavonne 12-2-09


Amy said...

Whoa!! What an awesome Santa picture!!! And after standing in line for 1.5 hours!!!! Incredible!!!!!
They all look so cute...we can never pull that off! Somebody always has a funny expression or has one hand in the air or something around here. Can't imagine what my kids would look like after 10 minutes wait...


digishare said...

Beautiful picture as always...4 kids, waiting in line for over an hour and then taking a great picture...that's just plain amazing :-)

Maggie S said...

Gorgeous! My girls were always afraid of mascots, and Santa seemed to be an extension of that. "All those other kids in the very long line?...well, good luck to 'em." Y'all are beautiful. The world could use a lot more Dideon Style, I may need a consult.