Monday, December 21, 2009


Taylor on Friday
Well like any typical day i got to run like a crazy women on Friday. It started by taking the kids to school and taking photo's of Taylor's and Winston's Christmas party. Then headed to Bellevue to have 3 meetings at Church and Microsoft. At my last meeting a get this call.....
Taylor was skipping with the other kids outside and fell - since i was at this meeting needed to evaluate the urgency and seriousness of the situation. After some talk they were not sure if stitches were required? ugh.... not what any mother wants to hear.
So i asked if they could bandage her up until i could get back to Renton - on the way back thought through my options and our last 3 emergency calls took 'hours" at Valley Medical and it was a Friday afternoon and i had 3 other kids to deal with. Of course this is the day Scott left his cell phone at school the night before and i had it with me, so no reaching him :-)
I called our doctor's office which is one of the best, and they got me a 3:30 pm apt. so once i got to school realized Taylor was calm and wondered if the situation was as bad as first thought ( i learned later there had been a lot of blood). So we had 15 mins to spare and i was actually suppose to be doing Reagan's birthday party so we did this and then headed back to the other side of time of town to get to our apt. We got in right away (amen - no waiting like in the ER) -
My thought was if we had to do the ER go to Children's which was a better place and just down the road from our kids doctor.
We got to see one of the doctors and actually two looked at her to determine what we should do. We landed up cleaning up the steri strips the school had put on with some more ointment and she was good to go. Now it was Friday rush hour a wk before Christmas - ugh again
We got back to school this time at 5:30 pm to pick up the other 3 which the school was helping me out with. By this time i had no gas :-) and Scott just got home. So he got dinner started - I got gas and we were back to normal.
Taylor loved the attention and we thought there would be a black eye.... nope - nothing she got off very lucky this time. That is what a lot of sugar and kids will do to you !!
Lavonne 12-21-09

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