Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving wishes and blessings

Taylor is Thankful for her Mom and Daddy and cat

Today i spent the day with the kids a school and took 250 pictures of all four classroom parties. It was a juggling act. I made food for the morning parties that were at 9:30 am and then stayed the morning and then left just before noon and was back at 2 pm for the older two's parties.

It was a lot of fun. In the first class i was the only parent and it was a full class. They were really cute with all their pilgrim hats and necklaces. Winston's teacher was sick so he was with Ms Popes class and so i hung with them - this is a much smaller and younger class. Most of the kids did not each much of their thanksgiving meals which were complete with mash potato's turkey, carrots, stuffing, and finally tiny pieces of pumpkin pie.

Kaitlyn's class was divided up in 3 groups which they made 3 different crafts... one was a hat, the other was a pipe cleaner corn on the cob with beads and the last was an Oreo cookie turkey - very cute.

Reagan's class iced cookies, had a story read to them, they ate some party food and wrote what they were thankful for on paper feathers and pinned them blindfolded to a very large paper turkey on the wall. It is always nice to be a part of these as you get to meet the other parents and see their friends. One parent i met with has an adopted daughter from Korea in Reagan's class, what a wonderful godly women.

We have been so thankful for so many blessings this year... God has truly been with us. We have had so many amazing things happen this year - that would not have if we had not walked out in faith. Starting with when my job ended in June and how we were taken care of with our insurance, unemployment.... then how we were blessed with Reagan's camp, our trip to CA and AZ, Kaitlyn's trip... each time we wondered where the money would come from we'd get a surprise in the mail - we have never been without and are so thankful that God has blessed us continually. On Monday we got another surprise - the kids school had done a food drive and we sent dry goods with each child since it becomes a contest. We'll the principal mention to Scott last week they wanted to help us. We at first said we were doing fine. They insisted and so we have been blessed again with 2 full boxes of groceries, plus a case of mac and cheese and cup of noodle soup and a very large turkey. All the food we can use and again we are grateful for these wonderful surprises that come our way.

We are thankful for Taylor's surgery and the many prayers we received during this time. As we approach the end of this year - it has been a difficult year with many obstacles along the way, but each step God has been faithful to our family and so many have blessed us. I am thankful for my husband and kids which God gave to me at an older age. But most of all i am thankful to have a Lord and Savior who knows me better than anyone and cares for me and provides for my deepest needs.

Lavonne - 11-25-09

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