Tuesday, November 17, 2009

2 weeks already!

The girls trying out their new Christmas dresses from Grandma R
Well it is hard to believe that yesterday was 2 wks already from when Taylor had her surgery.
She decided she was ready to go back to school - so she did. I was prepared to pick her up part-way through the day from being tired.... well NOT - she was having too much fun with her friends who kept telling her they were praying for her and giving her homemade gifts. Today she got another one - a rainbow colored on paper :-)
I am glad she is able to get back but advised the teachers to not allow her to play in the playground yet - give it a couple of wks. Then last night she had her first full bath with the aqua-guard on (a plastic bandage to cover her stitches so they would not get wet).
I was a bit relieved since i was going to have to lug her around with me to Reagan's speech in the morning and then right afterwards - taking Winston and Kaitlyn to their therapy. It was a long day and i did not get home until after 2 pm. I have so much to catch up on since the last 3 wks i really did not get a lot of stuff done. Next wk the kids are home 2 days, last wk they were home 1 day and the wk before. 4 days this month and then in Dec they are home a lot too.
My mom helped a lot with baking and stuff and some cleaning - but it only takes a few days to have the place looking dirty again. So trying hard to stay on-top of it all.
Thank you all for the many prayers, comments and overall friendship.... we all have appreciated it very much and are blessed that God honored your prayers and Taylor is doing great.
Lavonne 11-1-09


Annie said...

So, so glad Taylor is doing so well, Lavonne!!! They look just gorgeous!!!

Amy said...

She is just doing great Lavonne! Amazing how resilient kids can be! When you figure out how to keep ahead of the mess and all...let me know!

Janet said...

That is fantastic!, a whole day of school! Hope you get caught up soon, without too much stress. I was thinking about you all during the hospital stay--just never commented--as the flu was at our house.