Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Taylor's upcoming surgery

VEPTR piece
These are various angles of the Veptr.
Taylor will have surgery on Monday morning first thing at Seattle Children's Hospital. Dr Kit Song and Dr Waldenhausen will be performing this surgery that has taken a year+ to happen.
This diagram above is from a year of compiling data from CT scans, MRI's.... to actually create a model of her body with the missing ribs in the front left side of her body. The Veptr piece is made of Titanium and will be placed from the sternum (sp?) to the longest rib and will have pin adjustments for every 1-2 years adjustments for her growth. Dr. Robert Campbell of TX now at CHOP, designed the piece in the early 80's for scoliosis and we have one family we know who's daughter has had this surgery which for many is life saving. Over the years it has developed and in 1987 FDA approved it and now allows it for 4,000 patients per year. But actually only about 20 per year have it done - many like another friend of ours does not know it exists. So getting the word out will help. Seattle is the leading hospital in the country for the chest work which Taylor is having. Once inside they will also try and put cable like bars to form the ribs as well, but based on a few things - they want to make sure all is clear.
We have been very impressed with these doctors as they have consulted with many over this procedure to make sure there are no risks being taken. They even delayed the surgery to make sure all was done correctly and not to rush into this. Their main objective is to help Taylor. Each time they do this surgery it is a bit unique since each patient inside structure is different. With Taylor the piece had to be modified to accommodate her body better. This should give her better lung compacity. We hope this will also help other PS patients find hope.
Keep Taylor in prayer as she still counts days until her surgery - that all will go well and this will help her as she grows and develops. She will keep safe and the surgery will be a complete success!


Lindsey's mom said...

Prayers to you and Taylor. Sounds like an amazing surgery!! I hope all goes well!

Amy said...

I will be praying for ya'll...hang in there!!!!!!

Heather BT said...

Thank Heavens this exists, it should make her life significantly better.
Prayers going up my friend.

Annie said...

Will keep you all and sweet Taylor in my prayers, Lavonne!!!!

Starla said...

Praying for you and for Taylor.
Praying that all goes well...


rissa33 said...

Prayers you Taylor and the family. We will be praying for you! We miss seeing you
- Marissa and Melanie

Sue and Robert Stark said...

Lifting up Taylor, the doctors, and you all!!!! God is sovereign and placed your sweetie in your family's arms.

In His Grip,
Sue, Robert, and Lily :)