Tuesday, September 8, 2009

School at last!

School is back in Session...... 2009-2010 at Rainier Christian School

Here is Taylor
She is now in the Busy Bee's class with Mrs. Fenn
This is a Pre-K class and she is doing really good and enjoying her new class
Here is Mrs. Fenn showing Taylor her cubbie

Winston is in the Caterpillar's class
his teacher is Mrs. Kelly and it is also a Pre-K class
We decided to separate the two this year and both are really enjoying making new friends

Reagan is now a 1st grader - wow how time flies!!
he has Mrs. Gunst again, so this will be easy for him to get into the groove
We really liked her last year and know Reagan will do very well.
Kaitlyn was thrilled to start Kindergarten this year with Mrs Howard
She was all smiles too and is very eager to learn.
She is already way ahead in her reading
Last week they had a test on Friday and we were off to Canada to see my parents
so both Reagan and Kaitlyn had Wed morning to learn their memory verse.
It was so cute to see them, esp. Kaitlyn take this very serious and by breakfast had her
verse all memorized.
This month we are experimenting with time schedules
we were doing a full day last year and with the change to my schedule we have started
the kids with a typical 9 to 3 day, which leaves me to have more time with me at home.
I think it is taking a bit for us all o adjust to this, but not sure how long it will last?
We are so thankful to be able to send the kids to RCS - they have been so supportive of
our family and we just love the teachers and staff and overall the opportunity for our kids to
go to a Christian school.
Lavonne 9-8-09

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Annie said...

Love all the pics!! Everybody looks happy in their classes!!