Wednesday, September 30, 2009

60 years of Communism?

Hummmm.... being a mother of 4 Children from China i have to say this image
stirs up many thoughts and feelings.
So somebody had this great idea to take an AMERICAN ICON - he Empire State Building which i have been to a few times and for me it has many connections itself (one being Sleepless in Seattle - which of course is inspired by other great movies)
and for some "STUPID" reason celebrate in RED - the 60 year anniversary of a Communistic Takeover in China - which has caused so much harm and dehumanization to the people of China.
Obviously this person is very disconnected with China and has an agenda of its own! Hum maybe it is Wall Street, since China pretty much owns us? or our government who continues to make more stupid choices to suck up to complete idiotic countries who hate Americans (an i am a Canadian??) - whatever the reason. I take offense to this. My children whom i love are mine - but really they should have lived a life with their own families in their own culture and this not the case since Communism. They were all abandoned - their families were forced under this culture to give them up - the girls because they where born of the wrong sex that is not glorified and respected. My boys - well they are considered curses because they were born imperfect.
What a tragedy... today i watched some You Tubes that is some ways are old, but not - "The Dying Rooms and Witness of a couple who took in over 40 abandoned children themselves in China"
Both these documentaries - convey the fact in the communistic culture - leave it to a corrupt government to take on the care of these children and sadly many just were left to die. Life means little when the government dictates a lifestyle to live. Instead officials will take the money to position themselves better with their leaders. I saw this again this summer when i had the opportunity to revisit my daughter Kaitlyn's orphanage and area which she lived in China.
Things have improved but the mentality still remains.
Then after watching all this - i am left to wonder..... i moved here 18 years ago to take advantage of the freedoms that Americans had that even in Canada i did not. Not that life in Canada was bad, but it was still limiting - even my father's wealth is from a job working for an American company. In the past year i have watched our country embrace a new acceptance which was labeled as Change. The more i watch the more scary it gets as i watch parallels to the choices i am offered under this "Change" to look more and more like Communism? Will my children who left communism someday in the future be living it again? it makes you really think
Lavonne -9-30-09

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