Thursday, August 6, 2009

We are leaving on a jet plane.....

Ok, Kaitlyn and i leave tomorrow for China
Yes we are finally here the day to leave for Kaitlyn's homeland trip.
She barely could go to bed tonight.
We had a good therapy session yesterday - were she was able to grieve for her birth mother
and at the same time ask for me. This is huge so glad we are doing this now and when we
return to help her process all these emotions that have laid deep within her for a long time.
We still have not had official word like most of the families if we will get to see her
Foster Family - so say a prayer for us.
We will arrive Sat at 8pm and Sunday do the Great Wall and some other historical places
Monday we will get to go to the CCAA offices and BLAS which is a division of CCAA
Our organizer told one of the families we will be able to view our files? I will believe it
when i see it. We are also hoping to see the orphanage files like we did for Reagan.
Tuesday we fly to Kunming and Wed we do the orphanage, and Thursday we do the
the farthest and smallest Foster Care Village which i believe Kaitlyn lived in and we
have not seen yet. We did a trip on our own to 3 of the others.
Friday we do the Minority Villages and Sat fly back to Beijing
Sunday we fly home - so it will be a busy yet very exciting week and will
have myself and Scott be blogging since China is cracking down on this again.
Hope to really journal our experiences through both our eyes and also the healing that
we hope to have with Kaitlyn going back. We also plan to go to her finding place
which I went with our guide in 2005 - it is a Chicken Market and we were not 100% sure this was the correct place

Looking forward to sharing with you all - God Bless, Lavonne & Kaitlyn


Annie said...

Safe trip, Lavonne! I will say a prayer for you. How incredible and wonderful for both of you:)

Shelley said...

Safe travels and praying new info will be shown to you.
Shelley in BC