Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Some more pixs of our journey...

Here is a hog-podge of pix from our trip
We got the best sweet corn in San Jose on our way south, so got
some and just eat them right off the cob at one of our stops for lunch.
I had some tonight that we got on our way home - still good days later
Of course who can miss Mickey?
We had a bit of a wait but the kids were thrilled.
Reagan is still workin over his fear of people in costumes?
Yet he has no issues at Halloween - go figure?
Little Miss Outgoing - had no issues running out and joining the parade folks
here she is running back to us thrilled to be connecting with more people
How she survived in a cribe for 3-1/2 years I don't know - she talks to everyone
she meets... including the line-up for the Haunted House... yes, she thought she
could handle this with mommy - it was mostly over her head.

Ok the boys got some gun time in frontierland. Reagan is just into this stuff now.The end of a day - all tired and worn but so happy!

They call it "The Happiest Place on Earth"

my kids have to agree - we'll be back!

Today was a very hot and tiring day with 93+ on the temperature reading. Most of us in Seattle do not have air conditioning so it is HOT and most of us are not pleasant or smelling very good by days end. I made sure the kids pool was out which helped a bit and spent most of the afternoon in my bathing suit - thankfully at the back of the house were only the kids get to see me.

We got a call from Camp Korey today saying Reagan is having a great time and fully enjoying himself. I knew he would. I told Scott, I think our boy will be a lot more mature by weeks end. A little camp can do some wonders for a 7 year old boy. At first was not sure about having Jennifer as a counsellor but now think she will be full of energy and yet a bit motherly for him. She also i think was Asian, so another connection for him.

We got word today our visa's cleared and will be sent back to us tomorrow _ YA one more step closer to going to China. Today we had a session with the therapist for Kaitlyn and more stuff was revealed and i hope China will help. She is still having hope to see her birth mother and hurts deep with lack of trust at times... There was also a acknowledgement that she also feared in spite of being in China with us in the past - that i could leave her there. How sad that these deep issues are still with her. I just pray that we can open doors and heal the wounds within my precious daughters heart. She is so precious to me and it hurts me to see this, yet i think i understand her and these feelings a bit being adopted myself. I was fortunate not to have these same issues - but did have some... We have one more session next Wed before leaving.

Today the Internet was down all day and my address is not forwarding to comcast - so typical delays in getting work and other things done! I try hard not to get frustrated but this A type person finds these moments pure tests of patience. So hoping tomorrow will be more successful with the kids in school. I do have many mtgs - i will be drinking a lot of cool beverages.

Well here is yet another day coming to an end and counting the days to China (8)

Lavonne 7-29-09

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