Friday, July 10, 2009

Counting days!!

Ok we have 5 days and counting to our Family Vacation - Ya!!
On one hand it is so exciting but on the insanity side - can you say CRAZY???
I have been out all day the past 2 days just runnning - barely doing lunches...
meetings, car in shop - making sure the car is ready, doctors, apts for business,
people over and it just is not going away.... oh, i feel the stress coming which is what
I wanted to leave behind, but as with most of us - the pre-trip stuff can do more damage than good and then it repeats itself once you come home.... which is what i have to look forward to again - since we get home Sat night and Sunday i have to clean and pack up Reagan for a wk at camp (his first) - also praying we have a strong boy who can handle more than one night away from home.
So i know i will be fine - but this wknd is a solid booked out wknd and i have guests coming over for dinner in an hour - need to clean the house, doing frozen pizza since no time to hit the store, pick-up the kids from school and smile as the guests arrive (sound familiar?) i know i am not alone in this - there are many of us moms who fall victim to this.
Tomorrow is a birthday party and then leaving Scott behind with a "LIST" hoping and praying he stays on task.... it is so easy for him like many to find their own focus that is similar to the list but not quite on the list :-) - I come home thinking it will be done - to find him happily working on his version of the List! after 10 years i find this communication thing still a challenge...
Oh well thus is life..... LOL
Lavonne 7-10-09

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