Tuesday, June 9, 2009

One of the Graduates...

How time has flown by for us....
Our little Kaitlyn who is soon to be 6 is
heading for Kindergarten!!
She had a rough start at her new school
but in the end blossomed and grew with her wonderful teachers
at Rainier Christian - Thank you!
Kaitlyn and Miss Bobby
Kaitlyn and Mrs Fenn
Proudly showing off her diploma
Seriously singing
A bit reluctant with the cap and gown thing!!
Hard to believe 4 years ago on June 21st we saw for the first time
this shy and reserved little girl - who has grown and matured
is reading and loving to learn!!
Kaitlyn and mommy will go to China this August together to
see her roots and discover what she left there and what came with her
The past month has been a wild one and i keep thinking it will slow down for us???
I have much to share and hope still to announce things but timing is everything for us.
I hope to catch up on some pix from the past few wks - but the past couple of days has
been a family affair of recovering from a bad bout of the flu which all but Taylor suffered so far.
She has a stomach made of steel so far and has never yet gotten more than a cold.
Lavonne 6-9-09


Starla said...

Great pics...So sorry to hear about the flu bout. Hope that you will all be feeling better soon.
My grandkids are back with their mom during the day now....wow, sure makes for a different day not having them here all day. I have time to get things done now, and check blogs and see what is going on. Starla

Lindsey's mom said...

Love the photos!!! Your kids are so cute...I hope your trip to China goes well. We will be in your neck of the woods next month!!!

One Happy Momma said...

Love the photos of Katlyn, she looks so happy to have graduated. :)

hiroshi said...

Time flies like an arrow.

Have a safety trip to China.