Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Still catching up....

We got free tickets from G & Grandpa to the Mariners
They have very nice seats so Scott and I took turns
Kaitlyn & I went on the 13th and Scott took a friend that Sat.
It had been 2 years since Kaitlyn & I had last gone so she
was a very giddy girl about hanging with momma
Hard part was sitting and waiting - also it ran late so had to leave early
so we could go to bed and be a happy girl for school the next day.
Here we are taking a stroll around the stadium
looking for chocolate covered stawberries
in the end they did not taste all that great
The mascot moose - Kaitlyn could not get the nerve up to stand next to him
It was actually a very good game

Safeco Field which is 10 years old this year
it opened the week i moved to Nashville - July -99
How time flies

The Moose doing his thing with the kids

Warming up

Kaitlyn - just thrilled
She kept saying
We are going to see the Baseball Team - very cute

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