Sunday, May 3, 2009

Good Friday a bit late

Feeding Seagulls

Wow. have to appologize since i fell of the blogging wagon again! Life hit hard and well a month quickly passed and i am back trying to stay faithful and keep up on our lives with friends and family.

Alot is happening and will have to fill you in - in time, but for now be patient until i can announce what we are up to. Just know God has been working and probing and finally i was ready to listen.

Will fill you in within the next few weeks.

Here are the remaining Easter pix - this was Good Friday - both Scott and I had off and took the kids out - on a extreme budget... we did Jack in the box for a morning snack since Scott had to drop something off at his office - packed the kids Easter eggs... I am sure they did not appreciate we bringing in our own food, but the kids did not care.

Later we headed to the beach, it was Winston and Taylor's first time and we saw live crabs, starfish... and they had a blast. I was freezing cold and about an hour into it - i knew we needed to head into the warmth of home!

Live crab demonstration - Taylor at first was terrified

but then soon was out looking for her "own" live crab to catch

The kids taking in the ocean

Dad giving lessons in science

The beauty of nature even without the sun!

Silly Winston!

Lavonne - 5-3-09

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Amy R. said...

Ack! Lavonne! Don't leave us in suspense!