Saturday, April 4, 2009

When I grow up I want to marry Joanna.....oh?

Reagan + Joanna
I had a good laugh last night as I tucked Reagan to bed. I forget how the conversation started but i asked how was his little "girlfriend" Joanna ? Then i jokingly asked if he would marry her?
Reagan answered yes, and that they would have a boy named Brian and the girls name was Jessica. They had decided on these names together which floored me that the two of them had been talking this way.
When i had picked up Reagan yesterday after school Joanna had asked if he would be there next week during spring break and he had said yes.... she was so excited and gave him a very looong hug - the smile on Reagan's face was priceless and later on in the van he noted that he almost kissed her but know he can't... way too cute but as a mom i get nervous with this stuff happening so young!
Then later on last night when we were talking Reagan shared that Joanna could pick out the house and they would live far away and she could do the cooking and pick the furniture but he would pick out the TV!!! what a guy - he already has it in his blood. Then he said he would build buildings and she would work in the garden and then he also noted he wanted to make a statue of Jesus dieing on the cross - so i see this guy being an architect and sculpture as a future career and my DIL will work in a Nursery Garden.... i hope these jobs pay well!!!
At least Scott and I approve of Joanna - she is a very sweet girl -
Oh boy what we have to look forward too???
Lavonne 4-4-09


Heather BT said...

Acer has a bride already too, but we've picked her out. She's from the province next to his, had her gotcha day a day after ours and lives less than a mile away and is nine days older than he. She also has some VI - It's a match made in Heaven!. We think we'll encourage them to be friends now & then discourage them when they're teens. That hint of disapproval ought to be just enough! ;) (Hah! like plans like that would ever work!)

At least Reagan knows he's not supposed to kiss Joanna yet - good job guys!

hiroshi said...

Surely this is his first love?