Sunday, March 29, 2009

I am back!

I am hoping that i will start having some more time to blog again. I do miss this and i know it helps me blog my kids adventures and is a record of our daily lives.
We are also looking to try and get away for Easter.... we really need to get a break and get away.
A day here and there is not cutting it - we thought maybe going to a friends trailer would work but it seems it won't, and then we looked at Scott's brother's property but he just rented the place out. So still working on idea's - it maybe just a wk with some day trips?

Today's sermon was excellent and talked about simplicity.... I am going to focus this wk on working this into my life again. He also talked on fasting and praying and am seriously looking at this as well.

This wknd we had no big plans so it was nice - Scott started digging the soil to start our garden - we are going back to nature and live off the land :-) We actually had a start of a garden when we lived in St. Louis - so hoping to make it bigger and better.

We now have our income taxes done and waiting for our money to come back and realize we will have to re-adjust our tax contribution now that we are done with adopting. Always something to do!
Lavonne 3-29-09


Heather BT said...

Glad to see you're back, hope you get your week off Ironed out. I'm a firm believer in Vacations to re-charge the batteries. I'd invite you out here, but it would be get here, turn around & go home because we're so far.

Deborah said...

Welcome back Lavonne! I've missed you postings.