Monday, March 30, 2009

Bouncing Birthdays...

Well these photo's are a bit backwards
a week ago on the 14th the kids were invited
to a bouncy place. It had 4 large bouncing things for the
kids to go wild on. The warehouse place had the place
divided up into 3 large parties and obviously are making $$$
The place was packed and the kids were hot and sweaty and screaming
with fun..... later they enjoyed pizza and cupcakes (another trend)
Kaitlyn and Malory her friend from school
Kaitlyn in the air and Winston just making it down the slide
We hardly saw Reagan - a bunch of his buddies were
there too and they had a blast.
Very thankful to these parents who can
pay for my "free" entertainment for my kids :-)
Ok, mom had to go on many of the rides too...
I am definately starting to feel my age!
Esp when you are being swarmed by "many" pre-k kids
Dad also was enjoying himself!!
Kaitlyn was the last one to finish.... she loved it
guess i did make a good decision buying our bouncer
Winston my little climber
he wanted me to go with him in the beginning
but soon i was cramping his style!
Just one of the very large bouncing units of FUN!!
Lavonne 3-30-09

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Teresa said...

It looks like a good time was had by all!!