Saturday, February 7, 2009

Gotcha Day and a night at the Hospital

Here is Reagan all wired up
He is having another surgery coming
up in a month. So he needs to do some
tests before this happens.
One test is to do a sleep test to make sure when
they redo his palate this time they do not create
sleep apnia for him - so on his actual Gotcha Day of 5 years!!!
Mommy and Reagan hung out together watching his latest
movie of the month and eating cheeto's.
I actually was asleep by 9 PM - since i could not do much in the dark :-0
At the end of this month he gets another VPI (video scope down the nose and throat)
to see how the current palate is functioning. We may not be able to do much more
in making his palate more functionable. We'll know shortly. Next week is Taylor's
turn in getting a breathing test for up-coming surgery.
Lavonne -2-7-09

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hiroshi said...

Your children are happy
because they have good parent.