Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Winston

Happy Birthday Winston
This was his very first birthday party
We kept it simple since i had a very busy wknd
notice the blue garden glove?
He has warts and they claim duct tape kills them
so trying hard to get those darn things off since they
were spreading all over his poor fingers

Blowing out those candles!
The Spiderman cake
was hoping to make one
but knew my boundaries and finally ordered one
He loved it and so did someone else so had to
put the balloons in the corner to cover the marks in the icing :-)
It was a nice simple party and Sunday and now he celebrates
the day with family and shares this date with Grandpa D
Lavonne - 1-29-09


Lindsey's mom said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!
Hugs from Alaska!!

Heather said...

The duct tape kills them after WEEKS, It'd be better to take him to the Dr to have them removed, they'll do about 10 at a time on one hand. Or you can buy the stuff to freeze them off yourself, but at the Dr's they might give him a sedative and make it a bit easier for you.
Heather BT

Heather said...

Oops, Sorry, got interrupted in the middle of the post - Happy Birthday Winston!

Julie said...

Happy Birthday Winston!!!