Thursday, January 15, 2009

7 months today

Winston - now
Winston saying goodbye to his Nanny

June 15, 2008

7 months - how time flies
this little guy is just a little gem
he saw the doctor yesterday and
since his surgery in Nov has put on 2 lbs
He is doing great and our doctor was shocked at how good his english is.

Lavonne 1-15-09


Lindsey's mom said...

Yeah for Winston!! Congrats on 7 months!!!

Julie said...

7 months, wow time flies.


Julie said...

7 months, wow time flies.


Tiffany said...

Happy 7 months!!!!! What a handsome little guy!!!!

hiroshi said...

It is funny that the doctor was shocked at his English. I envy him.

Amy Rankin said...

Winston looks like a different boy! He looked like a baby when he came home and is much more a little boy now. Just sooooo cute and angelic all the girls go nuts over him!
Amy Rankin
(who is sad to say no doctors are ever amazed at our English...unless they are amazed at how bad it is)

Doug and Terrye said...

Awwww! That sad little face is such a happy little face now :)

Terrye in FL